October 16, 2006

the thing itself

I've been keeping up with some rapid changes in technology as it relates to
music and the arts recently - see www.myspace.com/fiffdimension

It's got videos, sounds, gig dates, reviews etc - so if you're interested in keeping up with my artistic progress that's now the link to follow. Of course it's all still just tasters for the albums which are where the real thought & energy goes.

Free downloading of music is an increasing phenomenon - I want to go travelling next year so have been building a music library on my hard drive rather than carrying CDs around. In a recent interview (he's got a new album out called 'Modern Times'), Bob Dylan's response was 'why not? Recorded music's not worth anything anyway'.

Google Earth is another new technology that's downright scary - the
21st century equivalent of a globe. And instant messaging programs
let you see who else is online at that moment, so the whole internet
is like one giant computer and your pc is a terminal.

All this makes DIY a lot easier, so presumably from now artists will simply be expected to know how to put up videos etc. I want to put up some Ascension Band footage up next once it's captured - trouble with video is the large sizes and lots of fiddling around with file formats & rendering. Can anyone recommend some good free software for converting .vob files off a DVD to .avi? I'm not interested in pirating movies or tv, I want to get some of my own work into a workable format!

I like the idea that rather than always writing about my music to attempt to explain it to people, I can now just send the link and say 'here it is, the thing itself'.

For me in the 21st century a background in media studies and science
fiction is probably a useful thing to have (and I can finally start
using my film degree)...

Oh and I bought some books of poetry from the 2nd hand shop the other day - Dylan Thomas, Arthur Rimbaud and Robert Burns. And planted a ponga. Some things never go out of date.

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October 11, 2006

Lines of Flight video

Here we are in the 21st century - & my first public clarinet performance. The background video I took in Queensland in July.


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