August 30, 2006

T shirt design

t shirt 3.jpg

Here's a picture of the After Maths & Sciences t shirt.

It's got the pattern embroidered in thread, gives great bold colour & texture & won't fade like a screenprint.

If we can sell a few to cover the production costs (mainly getting machine template set up) that'd be great... $20ea, now taking orders. See

t shirt 1.jpg

Gig at Happy went well - apparently the birthday celebrations were poorly attended, so I think it was probably more fun to play unannounced after the Sproutts and Sam Prebble on Saturday. I figured out that I can play the banjo through the laptop, thus removing the need for a separate amp and also letting me put effects etc on it. I came up with some new sounds on the fly, I love it when I discover something live.

And practice yesterday for Dunedin show sounded good...

Current listening: Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Duke Ellington, Dixieland

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August 24, 2006

Wellington weekend

I'm playing in Wellington on Saturday night at Happy, somewhere in between the Sprouts and Sam Prebble. Do come along, Wellington gigs are getting fewer & further between for me. Sam's a good guy, played violin on Loose Autumn Moans what seems like half a lifetime ago. It's his gig, I'm doing a short piece with my Australian multimedia video/computer/banjo thing (an excerpt from the full set I'll do at Lines of Flight festival in Dunedin on Oct 5th).

I'm going over to Wellington for my Dad's 70th birthday. I missed the party for his 60th as I was going to the school ball - the girl I took ended up hooking up with my best friend (who had a girlfriend at the time) at the after-party. She triggered off some of the songs on my first album, Scratched Surface.

For me 2006 is a big improvement on 1996.

I'm looking forward to the new Bob Dylan album and Thomas Pynchon novel. I just had a great bbq lunch. Some stressful domestic stuff here (let's just say I live in a house with two teenagers) is resolving itself. I just learnt to play my first jazz standard (George Gershwin's 'Summertime'), including reading the sheet music. Spring blossoms are appearing. And Doctor Who's back.

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August 14, 2006

Photo shoot, 1865

WK group shot1 bw.JPG

Rehearsals are underway for the Dunedin Fringe show, here's a picture from the photo shoot the other day. Storyline is gradually taking shape - it's basically a musical set in Otago in 1865... I like the fact that my collaborators are people I met in Nelson and Melbourne - no connection to anything I've done before in Wellington.

It'll have some Irish, Scottish and NZ folk songs - I want to challenge myself by working with actual melodies & arrangements, put some of the stuff I'm learning at music school to work. I'm also going to avoid playing guitar in favour of banjo, saxophone and computer.

We did some historical family research the other weekend and managed to find the address of my ancestor John Edwards aka 'Totara Jack' who arrived in Nelson in 1842. He lived on Bridge Street near where the music school is now.

Oh and if anyone's reading this in Nelson, I'm playing this Thursday night at the Shark Club with The Clang. Free entry, come and say hi - I'm the one with the ridiculous 19th century moustache...

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