May 24, 2005

good year for...?

Mike's planning to fly over to Perth on 10th of June, buy a car off a
friend and drive back to Melbourne with a few friends through the
desert. So that could be a replacement for an Alice Springs trip?
There's also Nigel turning up for a few days at the start of June to
play a gig with the Black Seeds (Wellington dub band - for some reason
reggae is much bigger in NZ than over here so the audience will
probably be half kiwis).

I'm kind of leaning towards going back to Wellington after that, so I
can have more time to properly organise an Ascension Band show/tour
and also be absolutely sure I pass shorthand. Melbourne is supposed
to be just as cold & miserable as Wellington over winter (it's north
of Wellington but south of Auckland). And I'd rather get some kind of
meaningful job than shift boxes around.

I'm thinking I'll go back to NZ for the summer and then maybe come
back here again for a month or so next autumn - get a bit more warm
weather and pick apples or something, maybe see Tasmania, and then
head on to Korea or wherever. I'll know to avoid the sales jobs

It's about time I got over this amnesia about writing and started
again. I started writing a song at the Nick Cave concert just before
it started, something about living among cockroaches and getting fat,
so that'll be good if I can actually finish it. I've been washing my
face with soap in the mornings so that seems to be clearing my skin

Fran's playing at an open-mic night tomorrow. I should go along and
book myself in for the next one - I'm overdue for a live performance.
It's not like I lack material - I just need to transfer some songs to
banjo, or even just borrow a guitar. I've also been thinking about
getting my saxophone fixed ($200 repair job, just since I seem to be
spending a lot on music gear this year) when I go back to Wellington.
I think electric banjo and electric sax (sax with a guitar pickup
shoved down the bell - track 5 on Loose Autumn Moans) would be good
additions to Ascension Band.


Oh yeah and I saw the new Star Wars... Surprisingly I found it not merely good but great - movie of the year material. From a hack like George Lucas, who would have thought?

I went in with fairly low expectations - though I had quite enjoyed Attack of the Clones - and was pleasantly surprised by how sugar-free the whole thing was. The scrolling intro at the beginning starts off with the word 'War!' - all the convoluted political stuff about trade councils or whatever in the previous films has just been a setup for this. There are backstabbings, allies turning on each other, women & children and surrendering soldiers getting killed - and the fight scenes are much more violent than before. The structure of the film was a tragedy in the classical sense, which is pretty rare in Hollywood.

And not only do we finally get a good Star Wars movie, the new series of Doctor Who is 'fantastic'! The Hitchhiker's Guide movie wasn't bad either. Good year for sf!

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