April 03, 2005

treading water? sink or swim?

I'm 70% sure I walked into a trap with this job - looks like very long hours for minimal pay (if anything!) unless something changes and I suddenly get all charming & slippery on people. I've made four sales so far - need ten to get my first pay. There's a road trip next week to some small town, staying in a motel with the origin people. I think i will give it a go, maybe for a month or so. I'd regret it if i don't. Then maybe fruit-picking in May and back to the city for the winter? I'm sure i can earn some money with origin, even if it's harder work and less pay than a normal job - unless i suddenly become good at it and start raking in a grand a week like some people.

Mainly I'm along for the ride as it's quite entertaining, going way out of my comfort zone like this. The biggest danger is that I go broke before any money comes in. I feel pretty cheerful & am trying to keep an open mind about everything but I suppose I'm too good natured to have much defence against sharks.

It is good though to be outdoors & meeting the locals - most are pretty friendly. Most of the Origin people are fairly young, and i don't think they're necessarily any smarter than i am. If an 18-year-old straight out of school can do this job then why not me? I'm just trying to stay positive and have fun. My team manager Cynthia is a New Zealander from Nelson and I get lifts home with her in the evening which is a good time saving. I heard a couple of the oirish gairls saying how hoo mooch they looved er uccint.

I'm having a look around Brunswick today, the area that I've moved to. Lots of ethnic food places, a 'welcome house' for asylum seekers, an Islamic clothes store etc. This internet cafe is called 'Krshna Consultancy'. I've been enjoying hearing people speak in foreign languages, there are people in Melbourne from all over the world - I've got no idea what they're saying but there's always a musicality to it.

It would be good to get into a regular job with more reasonable hours (this one's 50-60 per week), so I can get back into music - it's kind of fallen by the wayside at the moment. I'm not ready to make a new album yet - though there's the album of the Ascension Band Fringe shows still to come. I haven't heard from the guys back in Wellington - have they gone all slack with their production manager away? For some reason i can imagine banjo/computer/hammond-organ/drums as a good combination for the next album (ie me with Damian & Nigel back in wellington good jam we had just before I left, seemed like new possibilities opening up). & who needs conventionality?

My friend & collaborator Mike, who came here two months ahead of me, is off on quite a different tangent here in Melbourne, getting into (to me) very technical jazz stuff which is way over my head - i'm not sure if we have enough common ground to function as a duo. He knows my limitations and would probably be held back by just me - and there are lots of new people here for him to jam with. The Winter needed simon to make it a three-way thing, and he's not here. It could be good to do something with Mike & Fran Mountfort both on cello when she gets here in May (she's currently visiting China for a week with Elisa then touring Europe with mr sterile then moving here permanently). I'd like to re-record three or four songs off 'Scratched Surface' and 'the Marion Flow' with more of a live feel & using what i've gained since then to give them stronger performances - which could then go on the 'best of' compilation.

None of that's going to happen though if I can't keep my head above water. I'm spending the next full week out on this sales road trip, so will see how that goes...

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