February 24, 2005

tonight's the night

This is it - finally, the culmination of the last several months work on this Ascension Band project. We've got a twelve-piece band lined up to play some killer music with nuanced textures, dynamic control, wide range of instrumentation, & rocks like a @#%@^$^%*!er - the history of the evolution of the universe in one room.

On a personal note this show is also going to be my last effort for a while in Wellington as I'm moving to Melbourne next month.

We start at 10pm at Happy - hopefully see you there, bring a few friends. Best value Fringe show in town...


& this appeared in yesterday's Wellingtonian:

Ascending into controlled chaos


FEEDBACK CHORALES, waterfalls of sound, cerebral climate change and shuddering skies alight with lightning. That’s what The Ascension Band are promising listeners at their Fringe Festival shows.

Perhaps more than any other act, The Ascension Band embodies the Fringe Festival’s slogan of “organised chaos”. The group, with between 13 and 15 members, is something like an orchestra – but not one Mozart would recognize.

Trumpets, electric guitars, strings, keyboards, drums, voices, computers, a Hammond organ and more combine to produce “Evolution”, a 50-minute “electric symphony”. Composer and conductor Nigel Patterson says the symphony has a structure, but within it is a lot of improvisation – hence the organised chaos.

“Evolution” is a mix of musical genres, including free jazz, contemporary classical, industrial, punk and noise rock. All the members have their own individual style and come from different background. Nigel says it has taken some time to blend them into a sum greater than the parts, but now thinks the band “fits together beautifully”.

Organiser and guitarist Dave Edwards says Wellington has a great avant-garde music scene, but one of the group’s aims is to bring in some new blood - though they do feature experienced avant-garde musicians like Nigel and Dave.

The Ascension Band formed in 2003 for Wellington’s Meatwaters Festival, getting their name from jazz great John Coltrane’s “Ascension”, a groundbreaking 40-minute piece that featured 10 musicians. Coltrane remains something of an inspiration, as Nigel says he’s liked by punk and jazz fans alike.

The bands’ shows will be recorded, and they hope to make an album out of them.

Ascension Band: Electric Symphony
Friday 25th February @ Happy, 10pm
Friday 4th & Saturday 5th March @ Newtown Community Centre, 7.30pm
$6 full price, $5 unwaged, $4 Fringe card

Live 2004’ DVD available now
Visit http://ascension05.tripod.com or email fiffdimension@hotmail.com

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