March 06, 2005

Just in case you were wondering...

Yes, I am still alive. And now I live in London.

I've just been spending all my internet time looking for a job instead of blogging. I have a temporary job now working as a researcher for a government agency. Its really good, but Im still on the warpath for the perfect permanent job.

Its a lot of hard work, this job hunting business. And working at the same time . . . goodness me, Im out of practice.

Ive been enjoying London. I still despise the Underground with a passion, but everything else has been working out quite nicely. There are lots of lovely people where I work, and some nice parks in the surrounding area. There has even been some sunshine this past week. I nearly died of the shock. I do love spring in England, with all the daffodils and the budding trees and the grey-tinged office workers stripping off clothes in the park . . .

Just now, Im having a mini-break in Sweden. Its not nearly so warm here, and there is still ice on the edge of the canals. However, it is sunny, so Patrick and I braved the cold to go for a walk along the waterfront today. I felt terribly brisk afterwards and ready for some of that Oboy chocolatey goodness (Its a great Swedish hot chocolate brand. I dread to think what they put in it).

Yesterday we went to the art gallery, which had a display that I loved. It was lit-up slowly-spinning globes, with pictures of different people in a hospital waiting room on them. They looked like fairy lights from a bit away and then close up they were covered in very serious pictures. It appealed to my warped sense of humour probably. And I like fairy lights, of course. Im so easily pleased.

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