January 23, 2005

Bathroom antics

Today the last bulb in our bathroom died and we were plunged into darkness.

I had a delightful candle-lit morning shower. Tranquil, with just a hint of romance. :) By mid-afternoon, the romance of needing to light a candle before using the bathroom had worn off, and I decided to venture out into the snow to the supermarket.

While I was there, I got all over-excited about my new plan of having smoothies for breakfast. I was surprised to find 1kg of frozen strawberries for 22 kronor (£1.70). My diet will be including berries a lot more from now on.

I wanted to make a tofu and strawberry and orange juice smoothie. I'd read about this somewhere and I thought, ooh imagine if I started the day like that every day. I'd be Super-Eithne. Unfortunately there's only one type of tofu at Malmbörgs - and I wasn't prepared to walk any further, because it was too goddamn cold. I ended up with gritty bitties of tofu in my smoothie. Yeuch.

Fesse joined in on the act, making a tasty sorbet with frozen strawberries, coconut milk and vanilla. After a bit more experimenting, we came up with my favourite.

The smoothie to die for:
-About a cup of frozen strawberries
-half cup each of apple and orange juice
-one clementine (like mandarins, but a little sweeter)
-half an apple
-little bit of honey
Whiz it all together. Yum. :)

I was having flashbacks to Ed's Juice Bar. Oh my. What I wouldn't give for one of their potato-top lentil pies and a smoothie right now. If they've closed since I was last in Wellie, nobody tell me, or I'll probably die of disappointment. Does any kind-hearted soul out there have a good recipe for potato-top lentil pie, preferably just like Eds?

The other part of my new healthy eating plan is getting my sister to send me Meals without Meat. She offered previously, but I thought that I was tough enough to live without it. As it turns out, I'm not.
Note for non-New Zealanders: Meals without Meat = the cult NZ vegetarian cookbook. I'm not paid by Alison, but I swear it will make your life better in every way.

There's a thick layer of snow everywhere. It's very pretty, but it kills any ideas I have about leaving the house. All my plans about eating healthy and exercising just die when I look out and see an inch of snow on my balcony. There's nothing for it but to stay at home and eat fried things.

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