November 01, 2004

Måndag, blodig Måndag

Another day, another class telling us how long it's going to be before we finish. I was feeling quite good about it, because I managed to say all the things I wanted to say in Swedish. Then I remembered that I didn't actually get any answers.

We are learning work words. Some of them are quite cute, like a snickare snickrar = A carpenter carpents (or rather works with wood, it's just not so good in English)

Entertaining things about Swedish #35:
-Not knowing the alphabet. As there are three extra letters in Swedish, Ö is the official last word of the alphabet. Instead of having an A-Z, we have an A-Ö. I couldn't find anything in my dictionary for the longest time.
-If you pronouce cook (kock) wrong, it's quite amusing for Swedish people. This is a shame, because it's also dead funny for me to pronounce it correctly.

I have to keep myself amused somewhow. You can expect more of this later.

Summer time finished yesterday. I hate it when the clocks change, it totally upsets my sleep patterns for a week or two. It's now fully dark by 5pm. All the migratory bones in my body tell me to fly south for winter.

I made a great vegetarian sausage casserole today. Just the thing for those long winter nights. Probably fantastic with mulled wine. :)

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