October 10, 2004

Moose attack

There was a moose in the supermarket today. Before you wonder even more about my sanity, it was stuffed (full size) and advertising bread.

I walked around the corner, shopping basket full of herbal tea and salad, to find a hairy colossus astride the shiny plastic-wrapped bread section. I stood there for a moment, mouth agape, before administering a sharp smack to the back of my head and telling myself this is a perfectly normal example of our crazy advertising-driven world. I'm still not sure. It was surreal.

There has been a bit of an extended blog break while I was in London and Edinburgh. As usual, while I was having fun, I was too busy to write about it.

It was such a delight to see everyone again. I packed a month's socialising into a week. We went on a fantastic weekend trip to Glen Etive, to stay in a Gemma bothy and tromple around the hills, dance and paint and generally have a good time in the mud. There was a leetle contretemps when Elske fell off a bridge in the rain and the dark, but she recovered quickly.

Then it felt like a very short time left in Edinburgh, with just one great night of pub gossiping. I was sad to leave Edinburgh. I know ít has the worst weather in the Nothern Hemisphere, but I still miss being there.

London was good too, staying with Suraya in Brixton (I like Brixton - it feels very cosmpolitan and lively after Sweden). I also met up with George and Kim (from New Zealand), after not seeing them for about a year and a half. They look surprisingly grown up. Is this what happens to friends with a paltry year's gap in acquaintance? Next thing you know we'll all have families and white picket fences.

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