September 16, 2004

As Kiwi as apple pie

I bought New Zealand apples yesterday. I'm generally opposed to my food being shipped halfway across the world, but I have a guilty feeling that NZ's flagging agricultural economy needs my help.

Then I made apple pie. It was pretty good, although nowhere near as tasty as the dinner Jenny and Stefan made for us. Yum.

In an action-packed day, I also went to Lund. It's a small university town, about 20 minutes away from here on the train (which costs about 2, how do you like that British Rail?). Apparently the city is about a thousand years old, so it's basically all built on dead people. There is a park which used to be a graveyard - they simply took away the headstones. Too too utterly pragmatic.

We visited the domkyrka (note for ferriners - that means church of judgement, rather than church of doom).

(image from here).

There's an amazing astronomical clock there, from the 14th century. Apparently it all changes, little clockwork figures and who knows what more excitement at 1pm and 3pm. We tried to see the action both those times, and failed miserably. We turned up each time just as the tourists were filing out from the packed church pews.

In other breaking news, I sat the written placement test for my Swedish course on Tuesday, and I should be starting next week! Finally. . . I'm looking forward to it.

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