July 10, 2004


A black cat crossed my path yesterday. In fact, more than a few times. I suspect that may be the end of my good luck for this week.

There is a small black cat that accompanies me on my walks around the farm. However, there are rules. She always has to walk in front of me, and her favourite game is to throw herself under my feet in a distinctly suicidal manner. I've started walking very carefully indeed.

We also saw a badger last night. It walked right into us. When I think of the times that I tried to see badgers in Scotland by being very still and quiet indeed for hours, I just have to laugh.

I'm moving into Malmö today, before my life becomes an extended nature diary. I do love being out here in the green, but I'm also looking forward to getting to know a bit of the big bad city.

Often I feel a bit Little House on the Prairie out here. I started my first fire for heating purposes yesterday, carefully stacking my kindling and twiddling all the knobs in the approved fashion (it's an old-fashioned cast-iron style jobbie), tending it carefully . . . . It went out.

I wouldn't have survived ten minutes on the prairies.

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