January 31, 2004

Ode to Sarah

Sarah is now on her way to Bangkok, hopefully on her way to a flight to New Zealand. She's planning to stay in NZ for a while, and do some study. I miss her already. :( It's been good times.

So now I'm all alone in the Indian subcontinent. Someone more optimistmic might say that the other billion people are just friends I haven't met yet. ;)
Actually, we split up in Hyderabad on Friday, and since then I have met about thirty people. More than the entire week before. Travelling alone forces me to be friendly (ish - still not with young Indian men).

I'm back in Auroville, the international community (no, it's not a cult). Back on the farm, back in a lovely little hut, back to cold bucket showers. It was great to be travelling to a known destination, for a change. It meant that I could actually do some serious bargaining with the rickshaw drivers.

Hmm, although it didn't go well in Chennai. My Lonely Planet is a bit out of date, and I had to find the right bus station to catch a bus to Pondicherry. The rickshaw driver and I had an argument about which was the right bus station(they will generally lie through their teeth at any time, if it will make more money). So we went to the station I wanted to go to, and of course it turned out to be wrong. He had a hearty laugh. Oh well.

It's great to be back on the farm. I love the way that the stars are so clear at night - there's little or no light pollution. I spent much of this morning lying in a hammock, just enjoying the peace and quiet. Thank God.

Hyderabad was much much too noisy. I didn't like it at all. It has a big Muslim population, so there are a *lot* of women wearing chadors (If that's what they're called? Black from head to foot, with just a slit for the eyes). I hate that. It feels oppressive to me, although yes I do realise it's a different culture and I couldn't possibly comment. We met some guys who'd been working in Pakistan, apparently the women aren't allowed outdoors at all there. In comparison, they though Hyderabad looked quite liberated.

So I'm glad to be back here with the tourists. Don't think I don't recognise the irony.

Wahey, and I hired a moped today. I'm going very very slowly at the moment, in the interests of other road users. It's a whole lot of fun, although I want a bicycle as well. So I can bicycle through the trees enjoying the quiet.

And now, it's the moment we've all been waiting for . . . I'm going to go and order a hoooge salad. Yum.

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