May 27, 2008

Lame brain, or over busy: you choose

I am in the poop with my father as I forgot his birthday. But not just this year - I forgot it last year too. And it turns out I forgot my niece's birthday which was just after his. I didn't actually know when her birthday was... and to top it off I forgot my own son's birthday this morning. I had found his present in the weekend (we bought it a couple of months ago), and we did talk about his birthday last night at the table, and planned to go to McDonalds for dinner tonight (his choice).

This morning, I had completely forgotten about it and would not have known till I got to his caregiver's house: she who had a badge and balloon and cake all ready. That would have been totally embarrassing...

I suspect I have too much going on in my life, and not enough Efficient Use of my diary. I'm going to start with a straight forward issue, which is catching up on Mt Washmore in the laundry. When I can get out of bed to a choice of clean clothes again I'll feel like my life is under Better Control.

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