November 06, 2007

Too much paper

My desk is disappearing in piles of marking that has been done, or needs to be done. The only good part about when they merge, is sometimes I am confronted with Already Completed Marking halfway down a pile of Marking To Do. That feels a lot like a holiday.

In a week the seniors will leave, which will reduce the piles dramatically. I am working on the seniors that have almost passed level one, and who have re-sits they can do in science to help get them through. The rest of the class are either finished and passed, or too far off to care. They bound around with the joys of spring and a lot of noise while the rest of us stress out about getting enough units.

The juniors also have spring in their veins, and they are noisy. My ipod is not getting much use because what I crave at the moment is silence.

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