September 11, 2007

Recovery runs

Long ago, I fell off my horse. I cracked my ankle, and last year I had acupuncture to get rid of the swelling on the ankle because it had never gone away. Since then I have been running successfully, without pain, and with only minimal swelling.

Recently we bought some scales, and when I discovered my body fat level (>30%), I decided to run more often. So I ran every day. And I lost weight, but my fat levels stayed the same (but apparently they are false readings in the morning because I am dehydrated after sleeping and running).

But after running or walking every day for a couple of weeks, my ankle was swollen and my shin was sore trying to compensate for the ankle. So I stopped completely for four days, then ONLY walked for a week, and then I tried running again down at Waikanae beach.

The ankle is kind of okay, but only if I run faster than I am used to. So this morning I went round my usual track, but I ran faster, and walked in between the runs. I took about the usual amount of time, because I was careful to walk if the ankle felt uncomfortable. So if I keep doing this, I am going to learn to run faster in order to stress my ankle less.

How weird is that?

I'm finding it really hard to do less. I have been enjoying posting my training on and seeing my weight track down and my times too. I want to run, but if I do I am going to have to stop running for a long time. If I do less, I can do more.

This is pretty weird.

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