March 28, 2006

small things

At dancing last night I had a pretty good time, right up to the last figure of the last dance. I went the wrong way (quite a common occurrence) and was grabbed roughly on my wrist to send me in the right direction.

Now there are a lot of things to complain about with my dancing. I often go the wrong way, and I don't remember whole dances easily either. The toes don't point as often as they might, I am too vocal and I really don't like dancing the circles, but I am not heavy and don't take much effort to direct. In parlance, I'm light. A little pressure on the hand is all you need to direct me. So I wasn't happy about being pulled about like a trailer.

And it made me think about those women from Jane Austen's time who would have had to be polite and pretty to the crudest and roughest of men. They had those little dance cards, and I wonder if the women had any right to refuse to dance with someone if there was a space on the dance card... It would be a very effective way to make someone feel like a chattel, making them stand around, and when you wanted to dance with them you just walk up and book a slot, and they have no say in the matter...

I'm glad I'm not a chattel like that - I find it hard to Cceive of that kind of thinking, and can't believe I would have ever accepted that way of living. I know I would have though - brainwashing into it from infancy would work. Just like I have been brainwashed into thinking I am the equal of any man since birth.....

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March 27, 2006

And counting

We have three weeks to go and then it will be the holidays - not that the whole school isn't starting to count down.

It was a fine weekend, and even so, nothing resembling work got done. We took kids to the beach, got groceries, made dinner for tonight (which should help the peace levels at home tonight) bought paint for the house, and generally puttered around. I've pretty much decided that if R is going to strip his parts of the house, that I had better do the same. It is going to make the job much longer, but should also result in a better job.

The immediate boss is getting antsy. Its a bloody pain in the neck

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March 25, 2006

Wonderful news

I'm so relieved not to have to move the blog now that stonesoup will have a new blogmistress.

Now all I have to do is get back into posting more often

I got the graduation pack today, and the envelope has on the front - Graduation, the next step. I note the uni doesn't call it the final step. I guess they want us to keep donating to the uni, so when we will our fortune to Lincoln upon our demise, that is the final step!

Went out and bought paint for the house. Crivens, but that cost a wee bittie. I have to spend more money on buying coffee recovering from the cost of the paint. It worked out to be a very expensive morning all told. Shoes, plates, trousers, paint, painting tools, bills and cat food. Good thing Saturday comes but once a week...

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March 13, 2006

Biking to work is the best

While R is on break I am able to bike to school. It is such a great start to the day, and means I arrive at work earlier and in a very good frame of mind.

All the kids claim to have missed me and some were very interested in the results of the PhD, and some are now proceeding to give me a hard time about being a doctor. And already someone is saying whats up doc??

I don't think we ever have a normal week. Always there is something. This week the thing is reports. For everyone. Including those kids I have seen twice as of the end of today. The comments will be very bland. Very

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March 12, 2006

Weekend warrior

Got back yesterday at lunchtime, and have been busy ever since. Spent a fair whack of yesterday putting irrigation into the front garden - this meant I could spray the roses, as I can't do it when they are dry. They really needed some chemical assistance and water. It could be either factor that has made them nude roses, without leaves...

Today I went to the mountain bike park for the first time, and rode very carefully around the tracks. I fell off regularly, sounded like badly overworked bellows most of the time, and have a quite impressive bruise to show for my efforts. I might just try that again too.

I put more irrigation in this afternoon, the other roses now have water that I don't have to deliver by hand. This is a very good thing. Cn and I went shopping, and I don't think he stopped talking the whole way through three shops and a couple of hours. The headache was not good. But the little sprinklers are!

A got home from her gateway camp. It sounds like her and R had a rough week, as she is a child and he can be very childish. This could be a very learning year for them both.

Excellent nosh tonight, nachos.

Do you know, I now have nothing much left of the name I started this life with. I changed my name by deed poll when I was 20, then got married and changed my surname, and now have changed my title too. I feel totally self made in the name department, as it has all been by my choosing. Yes, even the marriage bit, R would have been happy with me keeping the 'maiden' name.

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March 08, 2006


I am now doctor toni. This is a good thing.

h went to hospital to celebrate, and was put on a nebuliser. This is not such a good thing.

I have to go home now, as the hostess is not a happy chicken due to being harrassed at work and not being defended by her line manager...

Beer tonight.

good thing I gave up jewellery for lent rather than alcohol. One year I gave up tea, that was awful. After 40 days I desperately craved tea!, it didn't get easier.

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March 06, 2006

back on the flat again

I'm back at Canterbury, and by gum, its flat round here. I'm glad I don't live here now. Just like a lot of places, there are some fantastic people round here, but I'm afraid the flat land is not that great for me.

The temporary daughter has been making the husband grumpy staying up all night and not helping during the day due to being asleep. I'm extremely tempted to change the password on the internet so she can't use our Cnection. But I suspect that is not really going to help in the long term. They were going to have a wee chat. R is not so good at wee chats, the results will be fascinating to say the least.

I don't think I will stay here at uni during the next couple of days - there are too many distractions, and I need to study. I already have a long list of references to add to the book, and I am only up to chap 3. And I need to create a presentation.

I'm closing comments due to spam - so MUCH spam, and would appreciate knowing how to close the old entries.

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March 02, 2006

Trouble on the horizon, 5 days to viva

The viva requires a presentation. Bugger.

I talked to the reliever who is getting my classes, he is happy with the briefing. So I only have to prepared loose plans for the seniors and a proper lesson plan for the miscreants.

I have booked tickets, and can leave from Wangas instead of Palmy which is great.

I successfully went shopping - A stopped me from giving up and going home right at the beginning, and I have a new school set and a jeans jersey thingy too. Much better than i thought I would do too.

Nerves about the viva starting to really churn.

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March 01, 2006

6 days to viva, but focussed elsewhere

Have put in for leave for next week, and approved and all that. A friend is going to do the relieving, and doesn't want detailed lesson plans, all to my good.

I had the miscreants that upset me last week, and we had a much better session this week due to being much busier. One of them complained last week because I used the word idiot - this week the word of choice was fool, I wait to see if I have another complaint!

I have to get tickets to go to this viva, and will be shopping for some new clothes tomorrow...

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