November 05, 2008

Damn, already missed a day

I didn't even think about the blog last night as I struggled through some marking and sung and played the violin and got my hair dyed.

Mind you, when I look at that list, I think I know why I forgot....

Did you see Barack Obama won? I was so cheerful about that I nearly went out and bought some wine. It would be hard to explain why I care more about the American election than our own. But lets try!

First up, the present incumbent is apparently stupid, and I don't like that in a leader. Bush is war-happy, and also doesn't seem to see the consequences of his actions, and it hasn't done anything good for the world. So moving away from this style of leader is good according to me.

Second, Barack is black, and it seems to me the more black people that have roles like this the less important their colour is. After all, no-one is making any newspaper inches from Helen Clark's gender, because women in leadership are no longer interesting stories. So if more black people do leadership stuff eventually it won't be an issue.

Thirdly, Barack seems a really good person with high ideals. While Bush has never given me the impression he has many ideals, let alone high ones. So this is a move towards idealistic politicians. If we are aiming for an ideal world, we may not get there but things might improve.

Fourthly, if Sarah Palin was the President of the United States of America, even for a day, I'd be terribly depressed about the fate of the world. And that is an emotional, melodramatic, and shallow response, which I am not proud of.

Posted by Toni at November 5, 2008 05:09 PM