November 01, 2008

NaPoMoBlo or something like it

Apparently, there is some kind of website ( where you can sign up to take part part in blogging every day for the month of November. This poor neglected blog, where you are now reading the words, could do with a lot of entries, so without actually signing up, I'm going to give it a go.

Starting with a question- Why November? November is also known as Movember, where men in NZ grow their facial hair to raise money for prostate cancer research. It's had a bit of funny history lately, as various organisations have said they won't support it, or there was the girls one of not shaving for a month either, and I haven't seen any advertising for Movember this year. So perhaps it is off.

But what is it about November that inspires these month long orgies of consistently doing something?

Anyway, lets all see if I can consistently do anything for a month!

Posted by Toni at November 1, 2008 07:59 AM