July 21, 2008

A nasty little outbreak of jealousy

The parental units are overseas on a tour at the moment, cruising Europe. They put their phone on roaming and are sending back weekly updates on where they are and what they are up to, which is normally pleasant.

This morning was cold, and wet, and windy and the first day back after school holidays. It would be fair to say that hearing the parental units climbed the Acropolis yesterday and were going on a boat to Croatia today, all in blazing sunshine did NOT make me feel better. Waaah!

In happier news I started another blog for my year 11 science class, and they are starting to use it. I have had a comment tonight saying the homework didn't make sense, and they were right, and I have put the correction on the site. I am hoping it will be a place where students will clear up some of their confusions...

Am still loving the singing lessons - enough that I practiced very nearly every day through the holidays. Am looking forward to this terms lessons starting on Thursday.

Posted by Toni at July 21, 2008 09:36 PM

Quite a few teachers at my previous school have been making and using forums and websites for their classes. Yay for you doing so too!

If it makes you feel better. Ireland is currently grey and not sunny, as per normal.

Posted by: giffy at July 21, 2008 11:45 PM