February 03, 2008

M is for Monday, Murder and McDonalds

Tomorrow, being Monday is my first day back at school. Apparently it is a teacher only day, and we have a liturgy at 9.30. Apart from that I have no information - I don't even know what time I am actually supposed to be there. Or if food is provided.

There have been a large number of murders in January, and this is I am told normal for January. Perhaps the stress of Christmas starts to catch up as the bills for the good times roll in, and perhaps the lack of structure with several weeks without school means some minds go a bit haywire. Murder requires a premeditated hatred of another person - I find this extremely foreign to my way of thinking. But I have been known to contemplate how just removing someone from my life would simplify my issues. I don't imagine me killing them though. Perhaps a car accident? Any way, Murder. Hard to imagine doing that. No empathy possible.

Me, I keep remembering my 'enemies' are loved by their mother.

And McDonalds. The kids love their food. The kids love food without too much flavour at home too so the bland stuff of McD's being popular is not surprising. They like New Toys. So a happy meal means bland food with fat and salt tastes, and a new toy. What's not to like when you are a little kid? I've started buying takeaway coffees from there too. They do have very fast service...

Posted by Toni at February 3, 2008 06:27 PM