October 29, 2007


My parents have just been to stay for the weekend, and it was pretty good actually. I took a leaf from my brother's book, and relaxed. They seemed to have a pretty good time - they took the kids out by themselves, and we went out one evening by ourselves to visit friends. Having finally escaped without the children, we then talked about kids all night.

By crikey it was funny - the kids are even weirder than their parents.

We have a few jobs to do around the house, and one of the most important and urgent is to paint the house. My father has bet us $1000 we won't have it done in the next five years. I am that pissed off about it I am going to take him up on it. I have picked a scheme from the Resene site - as long as it looks fairly modern, I'm in for it, and I am going to go and buy some paint and stuff tomorrow. Bugger him. If I can get a PhD, I can paint a damn house.

School is fine, but the year 10 boys - they are feeling the spring rise. So many stupid things done in such a short period of time. And they have seven weeks to go!!

Posted by Toni at October 29, 2007 07:59 PM