October 10, 2006


Its been a bit of a hard road getting everything back into some kind of routine after the funeral and all. I suspect I'm not there yet either - the sleeping patterns are all screwed up.

Back at the college of higher learning we are facing a staff reduction, and this is the honest end of the year. the seniors who have done so little for so long are about to face the consequences of their actions. They don't look so happy about it. Next year I have another tiny group of seniors, so will no doubt be teaching the double class where I do two levels at once... Other teachers are rejecting students as being unsuitable for the courses they are offering, but I don't have that luxery.

Friend rang last night - she had a baby a while ago, and now it is the only topic of conversation she has to offer. I know I used to be like that, so it is just a phase, but wow, I must have been really really boring. When a bout of constipation is the most interesting thing on offer in a twenty minute conversation... Not good.

I'm guessing I will stay here for another year or two and then move on. I need a bit more intellectual stimulation from the clients.

Posted by Toni at October 10, 2006 07:17 AM