September 12, 2006

current obsession

Every time I get anywhere near the music making machines at present, I put on Kate Bush's latest "Aerial". She strikes me as sort of Enya-ish because there is a definite mood music thing going on. but with more meaning. or not.

At present I am listening to Pi, a song based on the number. And coming up soon is a song about washing. And another about her son. At least I know what these things are about even if I don't get it completely.

by gum there are some beautiful sounds - I can't get out of my head the Three point one four in the pi song, and nor do I want it out of my head. Only 13 years in the making...

Hubby home with the little brat today, as he can't stop coughing, and has a chest infection. The big brat wanted to stay home too, but has been satisfied with being able to walk to school. Funny the things they really want to do.

Posted by Toni at September 12, 2006 08:20 AM