September 01, 2006

Pirate party

The husband is home today, and boy does he have a huge list of things to do. Tomorrow we have a pirate party which we booked a whole month ago. But the army has shat on our plans even though so well laid, and R has to go to a conference and I have to do the party on my own. But I won't be on my own, as my friend will help I am sure.

But the husband has to
- make a gate for the front yard
- make a cake
- decorate a room
- make a treasure trail
- go shopping for treasure and food

Especially make the gate so the little people stay at the party instead of going to play in the traffic. I am sure the party will be fine, and I have said it is for two hours tops, so it has a definite finish time! Wish us all luck for no injuries, and good time to be had by all. Har har. (made a cake last night for the grown ups, and it is so soft and well cooked it broke when I turned it out, which is unusual for a fruit cake, and no problem at all for enjoying it.)

Posted by Toni at September 1, 2006 08:20 AM