June 29, 2006


Gave some kids a US today and I thought they were not actually going to do well. We have a double period, and tend to revise in the first, have lunch and do the test seCd. And everyone who sat it properly passed(ie one student only put his name down and did not do anything else on the paper). It was quite gratifying.

Had a haircut tonight. Was thinking about a hairdresser I used to go to in Auckland, back in the days when the husband and I had TONS of money. I think I paid $70 each time, and that was at least ten years ago. But I still remember the head massages this guy there used to do while he was shampooing. I can't remember the actual massage, but I can remember the pleasure I used to get from it. It might be one of the few times I can't really remember the event, but I can remember something more emotional associated with it.

The husband was snoring less than 15 mins after going to bed. He went to the doctor today and was told he was not 'allowed' to go to Waiouru and blow up tussock this weekend. He is absolutely delighted!, and is planning to do lots of assignment work instead...

Posted by Toni at June 29, 2006 08:12 PM