June 26, 2006

Reporting on weekend

The weekend was fairly pleasant. I actually offered to take the family on an epic journey - this involved going to four different shops all together. On the same journey. R and I tend to start waiting for each other in shops, and then we see things we are interested in and then we get to full scale drifting around. This eventually drives me completely wild, as I WANT TO GO HOME. And he loves drifting around shops. Could do it all day in fact. Then the kids blood sugar drops, his drops and mine plummets and there is grumpiness. From all four. And it tends to happen in the middle of the mission, so either things don't get done, lots of money gets spent on increasing blood sugar or we just go with the screaming and fussing round the rest of the mission.

So I don't often invite the whole team on the Saturday mission. But I did and it wasn't too bad, as I had already planned on eating out. When I know the expense is coming, it doesn't worry me so much.

One of the vital missions was to decorate the cat - she now has a very bling collar, with rhinestones and blue to match her eyes. And elastic so stretchy we can remove the collar without using the buckle. The bell has gone - knowing where she is at all times was an over-rated pleasure.

Sunday was spent by me and the little ones at a friends place while R went to Palmy for a re-sit for a test. He drove an hour to say five words. And then an hour back. Not efficient. Had a lovely day though just mooching round. Kids watched a video, which meant the grown-ups had a grown-up type Cversation for a while. Enjoyed that!

Now back for the final week at school. I suspect that, at times, I'm not going to enjoy this.

Posted by Toni at June 26, 2006 08:12 AM

I hate the last week of school. I Love the Holidays!!

Are you on Ratemyteacher.co.nz? I daren't go and look myself.

Posted by: giffy at June 26, 2006 09:35 PM