June 20, 2006

What was that hot yellow thing in the sky?

Some of the kids are Ccerned I don't have any friends. So they got hold of my phone and put their numbers in, so that even thought I still don't have the right number of friends, my phone Ctacts list 'looks' better.

I had a very pleasant and long Cversation with a friend today in a free period. (see I do have some friends). He is twenty years older than me at least, and has some very good advice to give. He also doesn't have the commitment to me taking his advice that my father does - so I don't feel nervous about asking for advice. If I question father, it is not acceptable to him if I don't do what he suggests. He gets grumpy and shouty and yells about why did I ask him if I wasn't going to do what he said. The Ccept of how advice can be weighed and taken or not has passed him by. I'm rapidly coming to the Cclusion that my father is actually an asshole, and I should deal with this reality instead of trying to keep the rose coloured glasses. Mother is overly organising, but father goes the next step. His latest epistle which included the phrase "don't get pooh faced" was such that anyone would get annoyed, and saying don't get pooh faced doesn't excuse or remedy bad manners.

But anyway. With most of the SMT away tomorrow there is a particularly half assed scheme for the day, and I'm really very glad I won't be involved in it. I'm teaching year 8 kids, and for once, I think that is a good thing.

Posted by Toni at June 20, 2006 07:07 PM