September 27, 2005

holiday productive

Teachers are legendary (in their own minds) for leaving school on the last day of any term with great intentions of marking, planning, and generally catching up and/or working. It is no legend, only a fact, that many of them return to school with little or nothing to show for all that time. Some believe it is because of the high commitment teachers have during term time, that the balance is exhaustion and no teaching work in the holidays. Others know it is a combination of a lack of self discipline, lazyness and poor organisation. Mostly, it's a combination.

Last holiday, I had nothing to do work wise as I was between jobs. This holiday, I have plenty to do, but the kids are interfereing with outputs. As is the holiday we leave for tomorrow.

But I'm happy to announce that four loads of washing, the housework, the filing, a visit to a garden show and the subsequent insertion of new plants in the garden AND SOME REAL PROGRESS ON THE THESIS have already occurred.

Yay me.

Damn shame about the teaching...

Posted by Toni at September 27, 2005 01:02 PM

Enjoy your holiday I say!
In Japan the teachers continue to come to school everyday to coach/lead the school clubs. This is year round: everyday except Sunday and statutory holidays.It's crazy and I really feel sorry for their families.

Posted by: jan at September 27, 2005 11:49 PM