September 19, 2005

Just when we thought it was over...

it looks like the election was only the first part of getting a government. I need to learn with this MMP stuff that voting is only part of it, and the coalition forming is equally important in government forming. I hope that no-one strings it out like Winston did in the other election.

Wasn't that an interesting result. Labour hasn't lost or gained any votes, but National took a whole heap from the smaller parties and so we have ended up with an essentially hung parliament (for the moment). If National were to maintain that hold on 40% of the electorate, and Labour also held firm, then the 20% that vote for smaller parties get to decide whether we go left or right.

Seems that more people vote for lefter parties (just). Like I/S (No Right Turn), I wonder what made people vote for National - tax cuts, the race issue, an allergy to Clark?

Does anyone know how many people turned out and voted?

On the other front, I have only 4 people in the 6 bio class this week due to outdoor education, and we are getting into some very serious revision. And with a small class, some very top quality revision too.

Posted by Toni at September 19, 2005 08:51 PM