February 14, 2005

Going going sold

Yeah, looks like we got the house. They have accepted our offer, and so now if all the reports stack up and if we haven't upset the bank somehow, looks like we are going to be debt for a long long time. I need a job as soon as we arrive in Wanganui. Anything. And yes, I'm a bit worried about the money, but I very happy about that house. I might be eating a few ration packs for the first few weeks.

Had a good weekend at the farm. And they are selling us a half a pig for the replacement cost (ie another piglet), and have given us some more chops, which is helping the budget a lot. Good friends.

Children tired but happy after weekend in the sun and fresh air. Shona happy as we attacked her garden with a chainsaw, and ugly plants have left and attractive plants were revealed.

I'm unable to Ccentrate hard on the thesis, but must, as I need to finish up and get me a job...

Posted by Toni at February 14, 2005 07:08 PM