December 14, 2004


There are strawberries in my garden, red rrrripe strawberries. And as night follows day, there are now strawberry thieves. One of them is my eldest son. He's a rotten thief, because the strawberry has to be perfect before he will eat it, but he picks them anyway. Which generally wastes them if the imperfection is that the underside is not ripe. But he is getting better about eating strawberries that aren't perfectly round. The other thieves are the blackbirds. I'm going to train the dog as an attack hound. I can already set her on strange cats, the next step is blackbirds.


Took both boys to the doctor types yesterday. c's growth on his hand is probably a wart, but we should keep an eye on it. And h is not allergic to anything else we tested, so it is just egg. And the technician said if we keep egg out of his diet there is a good chance he will grow out of the allergy by the time he goes to school. But if he keeps getting egg he will keep the allergy.
Dumbo Mumbo forgot about the egg thing at the christmas party in the weekend and ate eclairs. Kid got his eczema back. Its amazingly quick and accurate, that allergy thing! So there is not going to be a lot of baking for mum this Christmas, and so she will be staying as skinny mum. (There's a silver lining...)

Posted by Toni at December 14, 2004 07:58 AM