December 09, 2004

squeezed in

The supervisor rang me yesterday, and when I picked up the phone said something like: "This is your supervisor speaking, you have 30 seCds, please ask your questions now". He even used a robot voice, and I nearly hung up on him, cos I thought it was one of those robot ringers and didn't really comprehend the words! He was ringing me on his cell phone while walking from one meeting to another - it was the only time he could find. I'm enjoying not being that busy.

Having lunch with a friend in town today, we were thinking of doing it on Friday, but she opened her electronic calander and found someone has booked her for a four hour meeting over lunch on Friday. I hate that they can do that almost without you knowing.

I've got an eleven year old noble assistant for the week - I think her and her mum had had enough of each other and I'm providing time out. She's pretty helpful though, especially with Cn

Posted by Toni at December 9, 2004 08:05 AM