December 06, 2004

Entertaining the short one, that has a short attention span

I have been really keen for a couple of weeks now to have some me time, that doesn't have either of my children in it. So you can imagine that I'm a little frustrated that R has had two or three of these precious moments in the last couple of weekends, and I'm still waiting. Its not that he is unwilling, but more that I don't have something specific to go to, and that no-one else can feed h yet.

On Sunday he went off to do gaming, and on the wet and cold day that was Sunday I was home with the boys. BUT NOT FOR LONG. We did have the car at our disposal, and so we went to the mall. No, I'm not insane. h sits up in his backpack, and observes everything. And there is a LOT to observe at the mall. And c, once he has been briefed on the problems if he loses me, is really good at sticking with me. The afternoon almost cost $2.70 for a chocolate ice-cream, but then we saw the Harry Potter III DVD, and it is down to $30, and the cost of my afternoon entertainment went up by the same amount. I don't think I even put up a realistic fight. But I did make him find his way back to it after checking no-one else had it for cheaper. He can find his way to that DVD from the far end of the mall, but the motivation to find our way out was less, and he couldn't be bothered!

And when we got home, he watched the DVD and didn't require me to entertain him for a LONG TIME, which was SO WORTH $30.

Posted by Toni at December 6, 2004 09:11 AM