August 27, 2004

working together

Four year olds, and mine in particular are damn hard work.They want to be in charge of everything. they talk always. They ask really dumb questions, really clever questions and ask what the time is Cstantly. Just in case there is a break in the Cversation, they also can ask the same question repeatedly, even when they can recite the answer they know they are going to get. My own four year old drives me mad! But this morning I was playing follow the leader when we met gran in the garden, and we sortof evolved into a working party and ended up with four of us working hard for a while putting mulch on the garden. It was so good to work with c as part of a team rather than as a very grumpy adversary.

Hubby leaves the country tomorrow for three weeks in Dubai. Happy birthday to him for yesterday and happy anniversary to us for today. And I think after about 6 versions happy successful graph to me as well.

Posted by Toni at August 27, 2004 09:15 PM