August 25, 2004

Georgia on my mind

We got photos of the wee neice today. She has a lovely face. It amazes me how complete she is, 7 weeks prem and although she is half the size that h was when he was born she has all the necessary fingers and toes. Today she has been attempting to breastfeed! I didn't know they would even try at that age.

I realised on Sunday that the focus for Georgia is quite different than we had for h. When he was born I tried to make life as reassuring for him as I could. There was lots of cuddling and holding, feeding on demand, talking and more holding. Everything was done to make him feel safe. So he slept with me and on me and others, and was not left alone!
Georgia spends most of her days in an incubator, and the focus is on survival. They hold her and touch her as much as they can, but if she gets too cold then I guess she could die. She lies alone in the incubator for most of the days. It is the best thing they can do, but it would sure go against my mothering tendencies. I wonder what Georgia thinks about it?

Posted by Toni at August 25, 2004 09:20 PM