August 12, 2004

Unbearable niceness of people

Went down to get the groceries this morning. There is a checkout supervisor down there who loves babies, therefore she loves h. She likes the fact she has seen him most weeks since he was three weeks old. She also like the fact I will let her keep h while I do the shopping. If she gets busy she pages me and I go retrieve him.

Today for the first time in a while he was awake when I went to the shop, so she got to hang onto him (we let him sleep in peace in the trolley if thats what is his agenda today). So I did a really lightening shop, got everything except one pack of biscuits before I got paged.

I think she wasn't so much wanting to give him back as show off the fact he was falling asleep in her arms!, so I got my biscuits, and went to pay. Whereupon I got that sinking feeling of where the fuck is my card?. I'd left it at home after doing some internet shopping. So She Paid For My Groceries. I was totally overwhelmed.

I went back to give her back her money, and she wasn't there so I have left the money with someone else. When she asked who I should say the money was from I told her "Well, my name is Toni, but she knows me as h's mum." And this ladies eyes lit up with recognition! I'm losing my identity, I'm becoming known as h's mum.

On a completely different track, this made me laugh, repeatedly, out loud.

Posted by Toni at August 12, 2004 02:57 PM