August 09, 2004


Words can hang like solid objects in the air. Building blocks of strong relationships, missiles loaming over the careful Cstructions, gifts. OOS of the tongue doesn't seem to happen - no tendons perhaps?

The definition of a thesis is that it is an argument, a statement, a place to stand and defend. Your written book is a statement of your thesis, your oral (or voce) is the defense. If no-one can find a chink in your amour, you don't have to do an oral. This has happened two times in my department. One of those students had the same supervisor as me. He assures me I will have to do an oral.

I haven't finished my thesis, but I have a feeling of wanting to run away rather than mount a defense today. But I did finish my Lit review when I said I would. I was allowed to use c's special mat at the table. He wouldn't applaud me though.

Posted by Toni at August 9, 2004 07:58 PM