August 04, 2004

Everything I wanted

Back from the farm, where Shona has everything I thought I wanted when I was about 20. There is money, a farm, enough distance from town that they don't go in there very often. There are children, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. There is a happy stable relationship. There are lots of cats and dogs.

And I'm not jealous much. One day when we were talking about where we have ended up in our lives, and where we had wanted to go, and where we thought we would actually end up, Shona said something that has stuck in my mind.

She said:"Everything you have you have earned. Everything I have has been earned by someone else."

You see, they didn't have the money to buy everything they have, they were given the money from a family trust of Rhy's family. So Shona hasn't Ctributed a hell of a lot. Sure, she has raised the kids, and worked damn hard with milking the goats, making the clothes, doing the cooking and all that, but all the lifestyle stuff that we were talking about has come about because of what Rhys has done, and his family. So Shona doesn't feel like she has Ctributed much in the way of earnings...

What R and I have is all paid for by us. It may not be worth even a smidgeon of the farm, but we did it all by ourselves, which gives a feeling of pride and ownership. Of acheivement. It is good when we remember that.

We would still like to have a farm though, dangnabbit! Anyone want to give us a couple of million??

Posted by Toni at August 4, 2004 10:16 AM