June 29, 2004


We went to Tokoroa for my brother's wedding in the weekend. It was a long drive, particularly going up as H did not really sleep, just dozed, and we did the whole thing in one hit. It was nice to get there, but then the motel was pretty dingy. Everyone else was going out to a restaurant and we were not invited. Which was pretty stink, made R pretty cranky and me teary. Too tired. And the thought of spending the night in our sad little unit on our own while everyone else went out for a meal was, shall we say, disappointing. We got through it.

Wedding day dawned dull and gray, but by 3 pm was bright and sunny. The brother polished up well, and the bride wore a very flattering and practical ensemble that involved a long line and lined wool coat. It was a really well organised wedding in that we were not left to our own devices for hours while they had their photos done, the reception venue started serving little scottish pies and booze half and hour after the ceremony was over. That worked very well, and meant we got a chance to talk to lots of people, not just the ones we were sitting by. Baby was great, and was captured by baby nappers almost immediately and stayed there till the formal meal was served. A hundred and thrity two people to the reception, great food. Speeches involved quite a lot of references to Tokoroa, and how unusual it was that the wedding was being held there. By the end of the speeches, it seemed like Tokoroa was a total dive, and it ain't that bad. No different from a lot of small towns in NZ.

Next day we drove to Waiouru to visit friends. Shit it was COLD, both in Waiouru and Taupo, where we had lunch. They are moving to Blenheim in December, it will be a really nice change!

Then we charged home - it was only a four day trip, but it was still great to get home!

Posted by Toni at June 29, 2004 03:25 PM