May 10, 2004

Me and the emergency service

've met people that have never dialled 111. Heck, C has dialled 111 and he's just turned 4. In this house, we all have experience!

My first time I was about 13 or so and the neighbours house was on fire. So I rang the fire brigade. The house still burnt down, but some stuff was saved, and no-one died. Our swimming pool was emptied. I remember the firemen cursing a recalcitrent pump, and the glass in the windows collapsing in the heat.

I've rung the ambulance, and I have been in the situation where I should have rung the damn ambulance, and stopped being too independent. C could have died cos I didn't think of ringing, just automatically 'solved' my own problem.

And at this house have rung the emergency number twice. Once for a burning car in front of the house, and on Saturday, because there was a man and a woman fighting in front of our house. Its an exciting life I lead dearies!

I'm thinking this place attracts trouble because it is at the end of a dead end street with a ramp to the train station. Sort of obscure but with lots of access as well.

This is my first day at home on maternity leave. We have worked out we don't have enough money to live like we have been. We also found we had entered a DVD from Whitcoulls into the budget program as costing $38 000. Fixing that little error has done an amazing amount to make it look like we are going to make it.

Gotta do thesis. Have spent too much time trying to Cnect Outlook to the internet, and doing stuff like washing and lawns.

Posted by Toni at May 10, 2004 02:21 PM

I think the only time I've called 111 was to tell the police that someone had passed out in the street. I didn't know if the person was asleep or sick or drunk or what, but he didn't move or respond when I talked to him, so I figured I shld let someone know.

I've called the non-emergency police line a few times, though.

Posted by: iona at May 12, 2004 11:27 AM