January 28, 2004

Some progress

Found the recalcitrant supervisor has been writing to the wrong email, and have got his email from that account, and sent it home. maybe more progress is happening than I thought.

Hubby told me when the next Afghanistan trip is and that he would like to go. I told him I would be very unhappy and angry if he went. I will be 8 months pregnant and still doing full time work possibly, and that I need him here helping me. He then claimed I haven't supported him going on trips. So I listed out the trips he has been on in the last four years, and what I was trying to do while he was away, and pointed out that I have been making a lot of sacrifices for his career. Actually. And he did admit when I listed it all out like that he has been habitually away when I needed him most. (Progress) Next step is to see if he actually turns a trip down...

I have always thought I was the selfish one in the relationship, as I was the one that has been doing a PhD, which has been a long running and very expensive exercise. Last year I realised that actually I have not disrupted everyone in the family as much as he has.(more progress) The dynamics of our relationship are likely to change with this realisation...

Posted by Toni at January 28, 2004 11:21 AM