January 13, 2004


Yesterday R was described as 'laCic' and I thought 'great word, much more positive than silent, uncommunicative, aloof or antisocial'. So I told R about it and he went home and looked it up. The Oxford defines it as "using very few words: terse." and adds it derives for the greek Lakōnikos for Sparta, the Spartans being know for their terse speech.

This was interesting - I'd never looked it up before, and I had always thought laCic had an element of unemotional, as well as brief in speech. Perhaps there is a NZ take on this word, as I have seen the Kiwi male described as laCic in more than one essay type article, and it seems to be associated with words like reserved.

Saw an article in the paper saying 2500 homes had burnt down in a shantytown in the Phillipines, leaving 25,000 people homeless. By my maths that is about 10 people per 'house' and I don't think shantytown houses are four bedroomed mansionson quarter acre sections either... that's crowded. Cut to chorus of "we don't know how lucky we are"


Posted by Toni at January 13, 2004 02:25 PM