November 26, 2003


I am wearing the nicest thing I can still fit, and I am cold. There is an Important Function here at work tonight, and so I felt obliged to dress up a bit. But I need a hottie and a pair of woolly socks. I don't even get to drink the free alcohol :(

Transit NZ are building a bridge just north of the Paraparaumu roundabout (or is it the Paramatta roundabout?). They are spending 2.7, 2.9 no they're now up to 3.3 million on it and they have stopped work. Why? Because the land will not support the bridge, and the surveying didn't reveal that before they were months into the project. I'm horrified, and it seems there is no review process planned to see how this debacle happened.

Posted by Toni at November 26, 2003 02:10 PM

Oh My God! It that really true? (It's the Parramatta roundabout, just by Mana.)

I can't believe that people whould start building a bridge without checking that it wouldn't, you know, sink into the seabed...No, wait. I can believe it. I just don't want to.

Posted by: jenni at November 26, 2003 02:34 PM