August 29, 2006

comment spam

Argh! Too much spam! Some of you may have noticed, hopefully some of you were spared.

I've done 2 things about it:

1. Completed the cutover to the new comments script by turning off the old mt_comments.cgi script.
This means your comments won't work until you rebuild your blog (go into your blog editing menu and select Rebuild from the left-hand menu).

2. I almost *never* add a geniuine english word to the blacklist, but I've added 'ringtone'.
This means innocent people who try to post a comment talking about their new batman ringtone will get blocked. I haven't seen any discussions of ringtones on stonesoup, so I'm not expecting it to be a problem.
If it turns out I'm wrong, please email me and I'll think of something less sledgehammer-ish.
It should cut out about 25% of all spam however (so I'm prepared to give it a try).

Any feedback, queries, whatever, please email me or comment on this post...

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August 26, 2006


I'm going to New Zealand in October and wouldn't mind getting together with whoever's in Wellington.

I propose lunch on a day that suits folk, sometime between 4 and 9 October.

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August 15, 2006

Fancy that

The calendar on my blog seems to link to Jan's blog entries. Go on. Try it. There's something creepily Alice in Wonderland about it.

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August 14, 2006

movable comments

Yup, I'm moving the comments script again. If you will all be so kind as to rebuild your sites in the next week, I'll turn the old script off (and the level of spam will drop to a dull roar for a while).

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August 10, 2006

packet size?

On attempting to add the latest spam infestation to the blacklist I got this message:

An error occurred:

Could not save your blacklist data: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet'

What next?

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