June 19, 2006

other spam measures

I'm in the process of taking measures against the spam. It looks like a couple of the entries in the blacklist were a little too broad and were picking up some perfectly legitimate posts, so Iona removed them from the blacklist.

Meanwhile, I've copied the clever script which handles the comments to a new filename. The thinking on this is that we're getting spam from robots who know where the comments script is and are hitting it without opening our pages. If I move the script, the robots will be hitting thin air, and we'll get less spam. Hopefully.

Movable Type knows about the new name, so your new posts will point to the new comments script. Your comment functionality on old posts will still point to the old location though. Pretty soon (probably the weekend) I'm going to remove the old comments file. For comments to work on your old posts all you need to do is rebuild your blogs. This will update all your pages to point to the new comments script. Or you can just leave your old pages without comments, a sort of cheap way to turn off comments.

For more information about rebuilding your blog, see Rebuilding Files in the help file.

As always, feedback, suggestions, etc. welcome.


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June 15, 2006

getting an internal server error sign

when I try to access or write comments.
Any ideas?

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June 13, 2006

spam sledgehammer

Hi all,

I'm heartily sick of name.info spam. So I've added *.info to the blacklist until the fad passes. It's more of a wreakingball than a sledgehammer, but there you go.

If this is a problem for anyone please let me know. I'd rather everyone could post, but I'm really not keen on the spam at the moment.

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June 06, 2006

did some additional tidying

so if anything is now behaving incorrectly (or just in an unauthorised manner), please report it to me and I'll try to work out what happened and fix it. :-)

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