January 28, 2005

No Yum Char!

Yeah, only me and Dave definite and Iona maybe, so I'll cancel and organise one at a later date I think...Yum Char's best with many people.

Some of my friends are going on Sunday, so I'll be at that one if anyone wants to join us?

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January 25, 2005

Yum Char

Stonesoupers do Yum Char!

This Saturday at the Grand Century (opposite Contours gym and Moore Wilsons on Tory St). I'll be there from 11am, food gets served from 11.20 or so. Please comment if you know you're going to be there and I'll book us a table.

Don't worry if you turn up and haven't told me we, we can usually pull up an extra chair or two. All stonesoupers and attatchments welcome. (Lee will be coming with me).

Yum yum yum Char!

Edit: I don't own a Love Turtle...I might have to bring something else. Like a My Little Pony.

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January 07, 2005

IP banning

How does the IP banning function work? I'm getting blitzed today with spam from info@claypokerchips-claypokerchips.com - I've deleted the messages and added the address to the IP banning list, but they're still sending more.

How do you stop these invaders getting through?

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January 01, 2005

I seem to have an archiving problem...

I made a post on December 31st (around 25 hours ago at present time). It has appeared on the Stonesoup Main Page but not on my individual page which is still basically entry-less.

I have also gone to Edit Entries and deleted all previous entries however, the Archives and Recent Entries links remain on my main page and they are still active, ie - they still link to & produce the entries I supposedly deleted.

Nothing appears to be updating.

I also noticed about a month ago that links to another blogger's entries were appearing on my main page calender. Ie clicking on the underscored calender date produced a link to their blog entry.

I have no idea what has happened but it will probably teach me a lesson about starting something, getting distracted, not paying attention to goings-on, and then coming back to find the plant died because I didn't water it.

I haven't touched anything in the Configuration whatsit and I've consulted the Recipe thingie with no luck.

Does this look fixable or would it be easier to try begging Head Chef Iona for a born-again blog? I've given up any ambitions regarding customised prettiness because it's so much drama. And I've basically deleted all prior posts - except they don't appear to want to be deleted. It should technically be blank anyway. Being able to start again fresh looks really appealing. :)

Any thoughts?

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