August 17, 2004

New blogs!

Welcome to new stonesoupers, Quis (to imagine is everything) and Reb (rebmob). Yay! (And there's another one on her way soon.)

And a sad farewell to New Sandwiches, which is no more. :-(

Note: Yes, we still have diskspace issues. No, I'm not being consistent. :-)

Posted by iona at August 17, 2004 09:11 AM

Thank you! I was thinking of going around blog by blog and leaving a hallo message. Then I thought again. I'd hate to be annoying. I'll just say it here. Hi everyone and thanks for the welcome messages.

I'm pleased and honoured to invited into this lovely, quirky little community.

So far I've managed to bugger up my blog then fix it again. I think in a week or two I might start getting ambitious again. It should be interesting - but I'll remember to back-up first - like I accidentally did before.

I still think something's amiss because I don't seem to have a complete, functioning 'Too Many Cooks' page. I'll just make-do with July Archive's URL until August turns up.

Finally, I like to keep in mind that most of history's most memorable artistes were either drunks, addicts or quite simply barking mad. It explains so much.

Happy blogging. :D

Posted by: quis at August 17, 2004 11:20 PM