August 15, 2004

Not a happy camper...

Hi campers, new blogger here. I've spent half a day reading, following directions to the letter, cutting & pasting, saving, re-building and achieving nothing other than a caffeine headache. The 'look' of my blog hasn't changed one bit, despite clearing the browser caches and doing it all again. Several times.

Okay, so I resigned myself to living with 'default'. I then spent the rest of the day composing what I thought was a reasonably meaningful first post. I tidied it up, selected 'Publish' then saved it. Now it 'says' I've made a post but it's not on the blog-page. I deleted it and tried again. Still nothing. I've deleted it again. The page is still as nekkid as the day it was configured.

I give up. Any theories?

Posted by at August 15, 2004 08:12 PM