January 21, 2004

Stonesoup goes IRL?

Random thoughts

I received the notice below in email and wondered whether some of us stonesoupers could/would want to participate as a group, somehow. Like live blogging or something? We could sit in cafe windows and blog what we see, or we could print out favourite entries and turn them into posters, or... other ideas, anyone? (Today doesn't seem like the best day to suggest it, because frankly, if the weather was like this, I'd want to stay home, but if it was sunny...)

The email

An invitation to participate in:

city reclamation public art project
01/03/2004 - 14/03/2004

A distributed intervention project supporting transparent access to data through a network-wide communication system.

The project

From March 1 2004, to March 14 2004, Interventions will take place in Wellington city.

The project will feature freely viewable public artworks made by participating artists. A1 poster and flyer-sized maps will be posted around the city to advertise the locations of individual works, and a website will publicise the project in the digital/international

Artists and artworks

Artists are invited to participate by selecting a site within the mapped area (roughly bounded by Salamanca and Brooklyn Rds, the Basin Reserve, Mt Victoria, and the Wellington Railway Station - see attached map) and making artwork of their choice at their chosen site.

Artists may select as many sites and produce as many artworks at their sites as they wish. There is no limit.

Artists may operate singly, or collectively under a group title. Work may be of any nature, in any medium. Work may be placed or occur anywhere within the mapped area, so long as it is viewable by anyone, free of charge.

Artists are free to operate their individual projects as they see fit. You can make as much or as little of this as you wish. Contact/collaboration with others is encouraged. Parties in the street are solidly endorsed. Experimentation, danger, and fun are strongly recommended.

The maps

The maps will feature an aerial photograph of the central city, with the locations and dates/times of artworks displayed at the appropriate points, as well as artists' names (optional). The maps will be reproduced in 3 formats:

A1 format single colour posters, which will be posted around the city for the duration of the show. Postering will be done by volunteers/artists and contracted workers.
Folded pocket sized maps, distributed around bars, cafes, shops, libraries, institutional
learning facilities, etc.
A digital map with more comprehensive information about each project (if artists wish) featured on the show's website.

The theme

"The city is the organisation of silence and isolation, humanity paralyzed as a perpetual motion machine."

The theme of 'Territory' has been chosen for the project. It is atheme that is capable of both providing a ballpark starting point for people who wish to use it, and also of uniting other disparate works created outside this idea by the fact that, by the project's nature, all share a common territory regardless of intention.

The theme points to the project's interest in actions that reaffirm the power of the individual to create meaning in his or her environment:
art that is a defiant gesture in a bought and divided urban landscape, where very little freedom is left to be had.

The rules

Work must fall inside the exhibition time (March 1 March 14, 2004). Work that is viewable for as much time as possible within this period is ideal. However, all work, no matter how transitory, is welcome as long as it happens at the time and place advertised on the maps.

Work may be of any nature, in any medium. Work may be placed or occur anywhere within the mapped area, so long as it is viewable by anyone, free of charge.

All sites and works must be registered by the 1st of February, 2004, to be included on the maps.

Artists are responsible for the costs of their own work. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide financial support for individual projects.

Remember, this is a chance to do anything you want in a space that we all share. You are responsible for the nature and legality/illegality of your own work.

The more people involved, the more successful the project will be. If you know anyone who you think may be interested in getting involved, pass on this email and tell them to get in touch.

Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon. Please get in touch with any questions, ideas, etc.

Bobby Peru project coordinator.

021 108 3610

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