December 23, 2003

When spam and procrastination collide

Dear Stonesoupers

I notice that, like me, a number of you are getting spam comments. Sometimes these are obviously spam -- a bunch of links to pharmaceutical sites -- and other times they look like real comments but have links to places you just don't want to go.

Accordingly, I've installed the great and wonderful mt-blacklist plugin, which will a) prevent the posting of more spam comments and b) filter out and delete any existing ones. If you receive any further spam comments, please forward them to me and I'll add the addresses to the list of evil-doers (the list can be found here).

The sad thing, especially for spam that looks like a real comment but is actually evil, is that you might feel like you end up with less comments. So here's fair warning. The plugin is currently active, in that new spam comments can't be posted. In a week or so, I'm going to run the bit that will purge out all the nasty not-really-comments on the stonesoup site.

If you want your blog to be exempt from this, let me know asap.

If you want to keep a comment that has a dodgy web address in it, maybe delete out the web address or something?

Oh, and I think mt-blacklist sends out emails when spam has been blocked, so I'd be interested, at least to start off with, to hear if you receive one of those.


Posted by iona at December 23, 2003 11:53 AM

Hmm... I figured that was what was going on. Not sure whether to delete mine or leave them. I kinda like 'em in a way, very incendiary.

Posted by: suraya at December 23, 2003 12:52 PM

Ok, so now I feel deprived that I haven't had any spam comments. Lame I know, but I'm still brain addled from sick.

Now must look through suraya's website to find the spam....

Posted by: Jenni at December 23, 2003 02:28 PM

yay, cheers. I'm sick of mine.

Posted by: Fi at December 23, 2003 03:17 PM

Suraya, if you leave them then, like ants, they'll attract more. Some of the spam merchants search for existing spam and them post to those sites, on the grounds that their not-really-comments will hang around longer. Personally, I'm particularly squicked by the spate of links to pre-teen sex sites.

I guess I'd prefer it if people let me clean out all of stonesoup but, for now at least, the choice is up to you.

Posted by: iona at December 23, 2003 04:23 PM

Yipee! I am really pleased about this. There are just a couple of entries on my blog that attract this stuff, and I won't miss reguarly cleaning those entries up...

Thanks lots!

(Maybe I'm really really square, but I like me this way)

Posted by: toni at December 23, 2003 06:23 PM

Iona - I'm not that attached to them. If you want think it is the best idea to clean them all, and it will stop more from coming, then I'm all for that.

Posted by: suraya at December 24, 2003 05:11 AM